Sunday, November 11, 2012

Millwood Lake Dam cont.

I'm back home and will try to continue this post that I started a week ago about Millwood Dam.  Blogger seems to be cooperating again.  Maybe it was because I was on the laptop that I was having problems.
There were a few Great Blue Heron around the edges.
I guess this one is checking out the water level.
 Way out in the middle of this huge lake there was a flock of White Pelicans and a lot of what I think are Cormorants.  I wish the photos were sharper and easier to tell, but it was a great distance away (the lake is over 29,000 acres in size).

 I just liked the way this little almost island looked.  The flock of birds is there on the right, disappearing behind this chunk of land.
On the other side of the road there was a road that took you down to the bottom of the dam along the spillway.  Here there were Egrets and Cormorants.  There seemed to be two sizes of the egrets.....some smaller ones were on the rocks.
I don't see a lot of Cormorants, so this was interesting for me to see a bunch of them.

3 egrets......they opened one of the gates of the dam while we were there, which stirred up all the birds and these three ended up sitting here together after things settled back down.
Enough of this place, but it was a great place to visit!  Arkansas is a lovely state with lots of parks and wildlife areas.  I will have more on that when I get to our return trip.  
We spent most of the week in Lindale, Texas with one of my sisters.  I want to get all this stuff posted while I can remember what and where I saw things.


Betsy Adams said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Texas... Glad you enjoyed Arkansas. We LOVE that state--as you know. Did you check out Mt Nebo, or Petit Jean, or Mt. Magazine????


Mary said...

Betsy: We were basically just passing through Arkansas to get to Texas, so we didn't do a lot there unless it was sort of on the way. I would like to go back some time.

Becky said...

A regular bird paradise I'm sure. Lots to see.
Have a great week.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

This would be an amazing place to spend time with my camera,and you of course,to be my tour guide. :)

Judy said...

You sure saw a lot of birds while you were on your trip!!
I only see the one cormorant that checks out our little pond toward the end of the summer. Or has the last five years...

Rose said...

Looks like you had a good time! Would love seeing all of these.