Thursday, December 27, 2012

Birds and snow......brrrrrrrrrrr!

A cold and windy day with snow on the ground....the birds were not happy!
 I enjoy watching the Blue Jays.....they work so hard to steal every peanut I put out there!
 Bad hair day!
 Got one!  They will stuff multiple peanuts in their mouth and they fly away to eat them.
 "It is cold!!!!!!"
 Looking a little less ruffled.
 The birds "share" more in bad weather.  It's every bird for themselves to get as much food as they can!
 ......with skirt :-)
Song Sparrow


Kerri said...

Oh my ..... love your variety! Those "ruffled" blue jays are awesome!

Betsy Adams said...

My birds are flocking to the feeders too... In fact, I need to get out there and refill some of them.. Great set of photos.


Roy Norris said...

The Jay's blue seems to fit in nicely with the weather Mary.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Nice captures. Blue Jays are always good for some entertainment.

Dorothy said...

Wonderful Pictures, Mary! This cold weather keeps them coming to the feeders for a free meal.

Judy said...

I love that jay with the bad hair!! He sure does not look impressed with the snow. I wonder if they remember, from year to year...

Kelly said...

...wonderful snowy shots! Love the Blue Jay with the bad hair!! We got a little snow, but not as much as you. More snow is supposed to come in tonight. I hope it does!

Marie said...

I love bluejays too...all your poor birds look so COLD!

Becky said...

Love the bad hair days ! LOL. Our birds do give us so much pleasure don't they?